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        We can bring about

        • global food security
        • inclusive markets
        • healthier ecosystems

        by focusing on a single goal...


        Bringing the revolution in technology that is reshaping agriculture
        to the millions of smallholders who feed the world.

        Two award-winning social enterprises joined forces to turn this vision into reality: eKutir and Fairtrasa. eKutir pioneers technological solutions for marginalized communities. Fairtrasa develops subsistence ers into agro-entrepreneurs, and connects them to international organic and fairtrade markets.

        Together, our two companies have worked with smallholders in the fields for a combined 20 years, achieving transformative breakthroughs with technological and social innovation.

        Today, we are empowering smallholders to

        • feed soaring populations
        • leave poverty behind as thriving, independent agro-entrepreneurs
        • keep ecosystems and consumers healthy through sustainable ing

        Our solution enables
        agriculture, the environment
        and people to

        Blooom is a fully integrated, soil to shelf
        tech platform for sustainable food supply chains.

        On the surface, Blooom is an elegantly
        simple, lightweight smartphone app
        — at its core, it is a series of algorithms on the cutting edge of agricultural technology, powered by the cloud.


        blooom is

        A comprehensive solution

        Blooom gives smallholder ers access to information, finance, sustainable inputs, services and markets — in short: everything that can help them thrive as independent agro-entrepreneurs.

        Pre-harvest modules include

        • soil analysis and risk assessment
        • a marketplace of high quality seeds and other sustainable inputs
        • best fit advice with predictive analytics
        • timely best practice advice for precision ing

        Post-harvest modules include

        • direct sales to local, regional and retail markets through the app
        • direct international sales through our own, dedicated sales channels
        • warehousing and logistics
        • access to premium markets
        More ?


        The next generation of smart ing

        Blooom algorithms operate at an unprecedented depth, enabling smallholders to do precision agriculture on the smallest plot of land, anywhere in the world.

        Instead of storing rigid blocks of information for a select number of crops, Blooom can understand the needs of any plant based on its DNA. This means that the platform works with every crop in every climate.

        To support ers with best fit and best practice advice, the platform compares crop DNA information against the following variables:

        • data from soil analysis performed by Blooom on ers’ fields
        • availability of seeds and sustainable inputs in the area
        • weather patterns in the area
        • local and global food market forecasts
        • traditional best practices in the area
        • cutting-edge agronomical and ecological research
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        Human-centric technology

        We co-designed Blooom with smallholders in order to address all the challenges that they face (we counted 169), and make sure that both literate and illiterate ers can take full advantage of our technology.

        In order to reach illiterate ers, we train trusted members of the local community to serve as mentors, information hubs and market links for ers. We call them Blooom entrepreneurs.

        They provide timely best fit and best practice advice based on our platform, and serve as contact points for ers with buyers and input vendors.

        This not only helps ers, but creates a new class of jobs in rural communities for those who are better educated and tech savvy.

        More ?


        Financial inclusion

        Blooom’s comprehensive risk assessment generates reliable information on smallholders. This helps previously data-less ers access insurance and credit, and start on a path of growth.

        Blooom makes an exhaustive assessment of the risks that ers face. Our evaluation, combined with each ’s detailed transaction history, provides data and insights for financial institutions that help them extend services to smallholders — a constituency that, up to this point, has mostly been unable to access financial services.

        More ?


        Increased predictability
        for ers

        Blooom’s predictive analytics, alone in the market, provides ers with ROI forecasts for each crop available in their area — before they invest a cent in seeds and other inputs.

        ers need to have a deep trust in change in order to embrace it. They are only going to switch to new crops and practices if they are convinced that they’ll be better off in the end.

        Blooom combines soil data, plot size, input costs and food market forecasts to calculate ROI for each available crop before planting. This reduces the age-old unpredictability associated with ing, and helps ers commit to the platform’s recommendations.

        More ?


        Real-time data for companies and philanthropies

        Blooom provides real-time updates on what is happening on each , increasing efficiency along the supply chain and enabling highly accurate impact measurement.

        The platform provides cooperatives and companies a continuous flow of data on the progress of each er in their network, enabling them to optimize their sourcing and minimize food waste.

        The comprehensive assessment that Blooom provides for ers, combined with the records of all subsequent transactions, enable philanthropies and impact investors to trace impact in real time, down to the individual level.

        More ?


        Direct access to local and international markets

        Blooom disrupts the conventional food supply chain. It enables ers to get fair prices for their produce by selling directly to local and international markets, including organic and fairtrade premium markets.

        ers can sell directly to local buyers and retailers through the app. Once they comply with export standards, they can also tap into the markets of North America and Europe, including organic and fairtrade premium markets.

        More ?

        best fit & best
        practice solutions


        predictive analytics


        ROI forecast


        financing &


        ing supplies


        logistics &


        export channels to
        international markets


        direct selling to
        local markets


        online marketplace

        We connect all the stakeholders who add value to the
        food supply chain, and make their jobs easier.

        This is the only way to create a solution that can scale exponentially,
        and address the mounting challenges of our food system in time.

        A formidable challenge

        By 2050, worldwide demand for
        food is likely to increase by 70%.

        The UN warns that resource-intensive
        industrial ing alone cannot meet that demand.
        Its productivity is already plateauing, while it is causing

        • soil depletion
        • water scarcity
        • dead zones in our oceans
        • high levels of greenhouse gas emissions
        • a loss of biodiversity
        • nutrition imbalance leading to health problems worldwide, and
        • mass migration into urban areas leading to severe social and economic stress.

        Industrial ing has helped feed the world in the past, but at an unsustainable cost. Environmental, social and health crises are compelling us to find a better solution for the future. Fortunately, it’s in front of our eyes.

        A clear solution

        Smallholders currently feed 80% of the developing world

        Small s employ more people, and are better able to utilize biodiversity. This is why, when they use the right practices and tools, their productivity is proven to surpass that of industrial ing.

        Compared with industrial ing, they also

        • use fewer natural resources
        • grow healthier produce
        • maintain diverse ecosystems, therefore
        • create a more resilient food system, and
        • provide livelihoods for 2.2 billion people.

        The UN has conducted a global overview, and found that smallholders using sustainable best practices can increase their yields by 79% on average, and in large areas can double food production within a decade or less.

        It is proven that smallholders are able to feed the future.

        The obstacles

        Despite their potential, most smallholders today are unable to
        increase their productivity, and are trapped in a
        vicious cycle of poverty. They lack

        • information that could help them de-risk ing and
          increase yields and incomes sustainably
        • access to affordable, high quality seeds and sustainable inputs
        • access to markets that pay fair prices
        • access to logistics

        Blooom changes all of this.

        Our platform addresses the systemic causes of smallholder poverty, and turns small s into thriving, sustainable businesses.

        Smallholders are the solution to feeding the world —
        and Blooom is the solution for smallholders.

        Our impact

        increased yields

        reduced food waste

        better incomes

        improved nutrition and health

        more women in the formal economy

        more young people remaining on s

        We have a demonstrated impact on the following
        Sustainable Development Goals

        Wherever ers start to use our platform,
        agriculture, the environment and rural communities
        begin to blooom together.

        Let's blooom together

        Instead of building from scratch and duplicating resources, we use technology to strengthen existing infrastructures, and make everyone’s job easier. We aid and co-create. If you see yourself in the list below, Blooom can also work for you — click to discover the details.

        Are you working with a large number of ers? Blooom can not only strengthen the sustainability of your supply chains and increase your impact on SDGs, but can also make your job more seamless and effective:

        1. We can introduce transparency and traceability to your supply chains. You will be able to see what each of the ers that you’re working with is doing in real time.

        2. We can enable you to source the right amount at the right time, reducing food waste and delays.

        3. We can help you introduce consistent standards and practices to your er management, regardless of the location.

        Get in touch to discuss how we can work together.

        Are you buying and selling agricultural produce? Regardless of whether you operate in local or international markets, Blooom can help you source sustainably grown, fresh produce at a competitive price.

        With us, you buy directly from ers. This not only gives you better prices, but also leaves rural communities better off. Furthermore, the platform enables you to plan your sourcing ahead of time. Blooom helps ers schedule harvests according to your timetable, and provide consistently fresh produce.

        Since we keep track of inputs and ing practices on every square-feet of land, when you use Blooom, you know exactly what you are buying. We guarantee sustainable methods and healthy food for everyone, and if you’re an international buyer, we ensure that export standards are consistently met.

        Contact us to get started with Blooom.

        Are you in the business of producing and/or selling high quality seed varieties, fertilizers or crop protection? If your products meet our sustainability standards, we can help you extend your reach to smallholder ers.

        We not only help ers access your products, but provide detailed advice on when and how they should apply them, and then track input use in real time. This enables us to predict shortages and ensure that your product is in stock exactly where it is needed, at the right time and the right quantity.

        We also generate big-data based insights on how ers use your products, as well as on the results that they achieve. This will give you a distinct market advantage over your comptetitors who are confined to lab testing or who have to manage their own real-life testing environments. Blooom’s insights can help you improve your offerings and become a leader in supplying the world’s over 500 million smallholder s.

        Contact us to get started with Blooom.

        Are you a bank or an insurance company? We are well-aware of the challenges in extending credit and insurance to ers that lack financial records.

        With Blooom, we are filling the gaps with reliable data, opening a new market for your business. Our experience with smallholders is also at your service to help create tailored financial services that provide fair and meaningful support for ers.

        Contact us to get started with Blooom.

        Are you working in the fields of data intelligence, machine learning or blockchain? Partner with us to co-create robust technological frameworks for strategic, ethical connections between smallholder ers and other stakeholders in the food supply chain.

        Get in touch to discuss how we can work together.

        Are you in the business of sustainable agriculture already? Have you ever thought about how you could improve yields and incomes for the communities that you’re working with, as well as for yourself?

        If you comply with our professional and ethical standards, we will grant you the right to use our platform and build your own Blooom entrepreneur network.

        Contact us to get started with Blooom.

        Are you working for a er organization? Blooom can make your management tasks much easier, while improving your access to markets, and increasing yields and incomes.

        1. We bring transparency into er management. The data that we collect on each and the real-time tracking of ers’ progress make your work much more efficient and stress-free.

        2. The data insights that we provide enable you to substantially improve planning.

        3. The ongoing best fit and best practice advice offered by our smart ing engine not only increases yields, but also the consistency of produc quality across the cooperative. This makes it easier for you to deal with large-volume buyers.

        4. We not only give you access to a marketplace of high quality, sustainable inputs as well as logistics, but also make them more affordable by aggregating demand across cooperatives.

        5. By enabling you to presell through our online platform, we help your ers get fair prices, harvest only what is already sold, and minimize food waste.

        Contact us to get started with Blooom.

        We are keen to support governments and public bodies that seek to improve the health, environment and economic outlook of rural communities.

        Through partnerships with public institutions, our low-cost tool can impact large segments of the population. Our platform is designed to help smallholders onto a path of sustainable growth, allowing initial government support to be gradually phased out — leaving bloooming agro-businesses in its place.

        The platform substantially improves food security in both rural and urban areas, as well as the sustainability of local ing ecosystems.

        In addition, our platform increases the quantity, quality and usability of the data that can inform decision-making for agricultural development. We are able to assist public institutions in formulating policies that are conducive for economic growth, and increase the sustainability and health of rural communities. We also pro-actively support governments in their progress towards Sustainable Development Goals.

        Get in touch to discuss how we can work together.

        If you are working for social impact, we can help you create lasting change in more lives.

        Blooom makes every dollar contribute to permanent, systemic change. Instead of giving temporary relief, we help ers become independent agro-entrepreneurs.

        We offer unprecedented tools not only to achieve, but also to measure impact. Blooom enables our partners? to track the change that they create in real-time, down to the level of the individual er.

        Get in touch to discuss how we can work together.

        We offer tangible returns on social and environmental impact (for details, see our impact, or our offer for foundations above), and are focused on exponential business growth.

        To explore in detail how Blooom rewards investors with a compelling return, please get in touch.

        114 E25th St
        New York, NY 10010
        ? 2018 E&F Global PBC

        Who we are

        We’ve united two award-winning global social enterprises to create Blooom.
        Both companies have been widely acclaimed for pioneering work in their fields.

        eKutir has led the way in developing data-driven, networked technologies to solve complex societal challenges. They are known for co-designing solutions with isolated and marginalized communities. Their approach has made them effective in addressing intractable issues that other technological solutions before them had been unable to resolve.

        Fairtrasa has created a unique, three-tier model that is successfully transforming subsistence ers into independent, export-qualified agro-entrepreneurs. The company has turned the typically philanthropic activity of er development into a $70 million per year social business, building a worldwide export network for sustainable smallholder produce.

        Together, the two companies have impacted the lives of over a 100,000 ers in Asia and Latin-America.
        We’d like to thank the following organizations for their unwavering support.

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